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The spelling with -h- suggests a borrowing from the Greek form of the name, Rhenos, 35 seen also in rheos, "stream and rhein, "to flow". It derives from gallicoi or callicoi, ( Galli or Celts ). The word 'Karta' means glory, referring to a hope that this city would bring glory to its people. Gyeonggi the Chinese characters for the name mean "area around the capital referring to the location of the province around Seoul, South Korea Gyeongsang from the first characters in the city names Gyeongju and Sangju. Citation needed The word jaya means "victory" or "glorious" in Indonesian, referring to the Indonesian victory over the colonisers who controlled the area both militarily and diplomatically, a sign of pride as the Indonesians showed themselves capable not only of defending their lands from the. British Crown Dependencies edit Jersey : The Norse suffix -ey means "island" and is commonly found in the parts of Northern Europe where Norsemen established settlements. Note the use of the basilisk as a Basler icon. From the medieval Kingdom of Navarre, itself of disputed etymology (either Basque nabar : "brownish, multicolor also "ploughshare or Romance nava : "river bank or Basque naba (valley, plain) herri (people, land). "Middle" in Old Irish. Netcher in honor of the lookout who sighted it from his ship, the Isabella, on 9 September 1842.

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Groningen ( Gronings : Grönnen or Grunnen ). Citation needed See Etymology of England. Let us know about. Perhaps the most charming and unique of Thailand's traditional festivals, Loy Kratong is celebrated throughout the Kingdom on a full moon night. Gorontalo : from the Dutch version of the local phrase hulontalo, meaning "lands surrounded by water" due to the many lakes and rivers formerly in the area Irian Jaya : The name Irian is said to come from the Biak language. "South" distinguished them from the other Sandwich Islands, now known by their native name Hawaii. Retrieved probably a compound of roots represented by Flemish vlakte 'plain' wanderen 'to wander.' Acadia: Origin of the Word by Bill Casselman Provinces and Territories The origins of their names Archived t the Wayback Machine.

thai orchid oslo dating in norway

( Antillia west of Europe, or a combination of two Portuguese words ante or anti (possibly meaning "opposite" in the sense of "on the opposite side of the. The name originates in the Germanic word Nitrahwa : in the Indo-European languages nid means "flow" while ahwa means "water". South Sandwich Islands: Bestowed by British captain James Cook in honor of John Montagu, Earl of Sandwich, who at the time was First Lord of the Admiralty and helped fund Cook's voyages. 45 Vasmer suggests a Kabardian origin: šešen. Another possible derivation looks to the Swedish word hals (neck referring to the narrowest part of the river,.e. Territories edit Pakistan edit Provinces edit States edit State of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Azad : Urdu, "Free "Kashmir" either: Kashmiristan from the Koshur (Native Kashmiri ) for "mountain tribes people" in north-east Pakistan; or from Sanskrit Kaśyapa-mra, sea (or lake) of the Kaśyapa,. Alba, Albania, or Albany, former endonyms: Uncertain etymology, presumed to derive from Albion or its antecedents. Phoenix Press (London 2000.

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Dominican Republic edit Main article: List of Dominican Republic Provinces by etymology Estonia edit Note: Estonian maakond means " county " and thai orchid oslo dating in norway maa means "land". 154 a b c Habšudová, Zuzana (2001). Chapter 4 The Geography of the Rigveda ". County name etymologies Territories edit Baker Island National Wildlife Refuge, an unincorporated territory: for thai orchid oslo dating in norway American captain Michael Baker of New Bedford, Massachusetts, who claimed to have discovered it in 1832 or 1834, despite being the third to have done. Greek ancient sources record the term "campani" before the Roman colonization, putting doubts on the Latin interpretation. Navarra has been argued to have either a Basque or Romance etymology. Södermanland : "south men's land" Uppland "up land" (north of Stockholm, used after the foundation of Stockholm, was before that three independent provinces) Värmland Västmanland : "west men's land" Västerbotten : West Bothnia (west side of the Gulf of Bothnia ). Sebald Islands, a former name now applied in Spanish to the Jason Islands : From a Dutch name commemorating Sebald de Weert, the captain usually credited with first sighting the archipelago in 1598. The state of Saxony developed out eskorte ts oslo kontaktannonser bergen of the Saxon tribe, which principally inhabited present-day Lower Saxony ; during the Middle Ages and early modern times, the name migrated to the current location of the state of Saxony Saxony-Anhalt (German, Sachsen-Anhalt formed geographically by joining the. Another theory derives the name from chechenit' sya, "to talk mincingly". Citation needed Historic regions edit Most modern French départements take their names from local geographical features: usually rivers, occasionally mountain ranges or coasts. He sought shelter on the atoll on 7 November 1802, and became the first person known to land.

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Abel Tasman National Park bears a fuller version of his name. Near Surin is the Jumbo Village, established by thai to help orphaned and sick elephants. Front-end1,000Front-end developers make our template designs alive. View More Bestsellers, the template is intended to be used for gifts, special occasion presents and souvenirs online stores. Encyclopedia of Indo-European Culture. United States Virgin Islands, an insular area: See British Virgin Islands above. In the Middle Ages the region lay on the boundaries between imperial lands and the more independent areas of southern Italy. Note: After the Lombard invasion, the name "Longobardia" or "Langobardia" applied to the whole of Italy for about two centuries, throughout Europe and also in Arabic ( al-Ankubardiya ).